queenrilly Due July 16; 1 child; Mesa, Arizona 5 posts
9th Jan '13

july 17, baby #2, 13 weeks today.
I can't wait for this baby to come, I'm doing a UP/UC so I wont even know what gender I have until he/she's born. I'm thinking it's a girl though, since that's what all my friends are trying to curse me with. I really want/wanted another boy!!!!

This is also the first time I've been sick while pregnant, morning sickness I mean!! With my son, I was never ever sick and this time I've been sick since about 4-5 weeks!!! It sucks. and right when it started going away, I started puking without any warning! Usually right after I eat. Humph.

Marina ♡ツ Due July 18; 2 kids; Phoenix, Arizona 2 posts
9th Jan '13

I'm currently 12 wks & im due July 19 with baby #3. I have two daughters they are about 11 months apart. The oldest is 3, & she was born July 18 lol. My youngest is 2 & she was born June 8. Hoping for a baby boy!

Lilysmom34 Japan 6 posts
9th Jan '13

Due July 27th with second...
not sure if its a boy or girl yet :D

queenie801 Due July 18; 3 kids; Malad City, Idaho 2 posts
9th Jan '13

July 19th!

Chrissy Gray Due July 8; Wichita, Kansas 2 posts
9th Jan '13
Quoting raceprincess5_3:" I am due July 9th with twins!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Awe I am due July 9th myself I find out the sex Feb 6 :)

Marina ♡ツ Due July 18; 2 kids; Phoenix, Arizona 2 posts
9th Jan '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting queenie801:</b>" July 19th!"</blockquote>

Same here :-) ! Congrats.

LissaB1976 Due July 4; Lorain, Ohio 1 posts
11th Jan '13

I am due July 5th. This is going to be my 2nd child, I have a 9 yr old daughter. I have been worried about this pregnancy, because I am 36, diabetic and have high blood pressure. But so far everything is going ok.