Never thought i would say this but...... Shayna Santos 1 child; Orlando, Florida 96 posts
4th Dec '12

My daughter is two months old now & i LOVE being a mom of course but i really really miss my belly! :(
When i was pregnant people always told me "oh you will miss it" and i would always laugh like YEAH OKAY! But now i really do!
I miss feeling her move, get the hiccups, seeing my belly grow each and everyday...Getting to eat whatever and whenever i want! Ohhh man, somebody help me! lol :P
Anyone else miss there belly?!

OhSoFKN Fabulous Due December 19 (girl); 1 child; Land O' Lakes, Florida 2314 posts
4th Dec '12

Yep, I miss it all the time. More so when my son was a newborn since I was so used to it. I think most women miss it lol.

Disco Llama 33 kids; Texas 1233 posts
4th Dec '12

I miss it so much!

Zeke's Mama Due September 26 (girl); 1 child; Pensacola, Florida 5786 posts
4th Dec '12

I do! And I never thought I would.

BeesBops Due April 27 (boy); 20 kids; North Highlands, California 3 posts
4th Dec '12

Yes Maam!It's like a gift that you can't open until it's own little holiday arrives...the potential and anticipation... So I grew another one:)It is hard, and you do miss it. I missed mine terribly. I wanted another baby as soon as I had DD last Spring, but I had to wait due to financials and my work ( california does paid disability for pregnancy, but there are conditions)... also as my children have grown I have missed the stages of their life that they were in...they grow way too fast!
Enjoy your little one...they are so precious...

Mellissa28 Due September 3 (boy); 1 child; Sussex, Wisconsin 795 posts
4th Dec '12

Miss the belly but nothing else that came with being pregnant. :-)

10 days till baby comes Due January 25 (girl); 16 kids; Bolt, West Virginia 745 posts
4th Dec '12

I'm 32 weeks and I'm missing it lol and I haven't even had her yet..