Anyone ever hear of this diet? Noneya Business Due August 29; 1 child; Pennsylvania 10733 posts
4th Dec '12

A girl on my facebook did it. She says it worked for her but I haven't seen her in person for a while. Has anyone even heard of it. She said she did it because she stopped losing weight and it helped jump start her weight loss again.

Robert Downey Jr. Zanzibar, Tanzania 16079 posts
4th Dec '12

I know a few people who did it. They gained it all back in 2 days.

Fad diets are terrible. Just eat healthy, watch your caloric intake, and exercise. Not that hard.

Hikaru Katsu 1 child; Japan 641 posts
4th Dec '12

doesn't sound all that healthy =/ like they lost weight due to lack of food. i know if you don't eat enough for a while and then go back to eating regularly (even if its healthy) that you gain a lot of weight. happened to me when i worked 3rd shift. lost a lot of weight cause i wasn't eating much and then when i started eating the way i was supposed to i gained a lot of weight quickly. i know if you go to the gym at all sprinting is supposed to help with losing weight.