37 weeks. :D mehhhhh Minnesota 368 posts
4th Dec '12

I've heard both extremes from people I know. "You're tiny" or "You're huge."

Lmao, I feel like a blimp though.


Hikaru Katsu 1 child; Japan 641 posts
4th Dec '12

looks about right :) and i know how your feeling. im almost 38 weeks and feel like a friggin whale

2boys + 1girl Due December 24 (girl); 2 kids; Reno, Nevada 458 posts
4th Dec '12

Were about the same size!! :) I can't post pics, on my phone. I'm told I'm tiny but I feel like a damn blimp.

Dan[yell] (20 weeks) Due May 21; 34 kids; White House, Tennessee 1883 posts
4th Dec '12

Aww! Cute baby bump!

Jenaren86 2 kids; Sheridan, Oregon 178 posts
4th Dec '12

at lease your not in my boat i deffintly feel like a whale, i'm 35 weeks and measuring 41 weeks, i feel like there is no end in sight, but you do look about normal to me!!!