Sticky discharge, ovulation? MummyToBeNicole Due June 8 (boy); 1 child; 1 angel baby; Watford, UK, United Kingdom 182 posts
5th Dec '12

I gave birth to my angel baby on the 8th November and stopped bleeding on the 24th Nov, because this is not a normal period i do not know when i will ovulate..
But on the 3rd December i got some sticky discharge from my vagina, me and my partner had sex that day so i thought it was just left over sperm. But i read up on the internet that if you surmerge it in water and take it out and if its still sticky its ovulation mucus. (I was in the bath at the time, so it came into contact with the water and i took it out of the water and it was still sticky and it was a white-ish colour) Is this true?