Jaymelynn6 Due February 27; Richmond Corner, New Brunswick 2 posts
19th Dec '12

I've been reading this thread for a bit now.

Some of you should be ashamed. You're acting like a bunch of bullies. Attacking a 15 year old because she can't spell. How immature is that? Some people have a hard time spelling, we aren't all English majors. It kind of sickens me to see how rude some of you can be toward anyone who tries to support this girl.

The recent post about making fun of one girls name choices is really low and has absolutely nothing to do with a fifteen year old who is pregnant. Which is what this post is about. This girl wanted to find other people who she could relate with and you guys showed her so much disrespect an chewed her to pieces because of her spelling. To think that you have to spell good to be a mother, like it's some sort of requirement, is absurd! I can see telling her her mistakes and trying to help her to correct them would be the motherly thing to do, but none of you seem to know how to do that. You just put her down, make her feel stupid. That's a good example you guys are teaching your children.(Sit on your computer and bully little 15 year olds because they can't spell) I agree that she should stay in school and pay more attention in English, but at least she did make an effort to fix her post. Some people really struggle with spelling and grammar.

mamabear+3 Due May 10; 2 kids; California 39 posts
19th Dec '12

I blame texting for bad spelling nowadays. Offen catch myself spelling "the" like "tha". So teenagers that arguing with each other on here should look at the whole picture. Im 27 and i suck at math lmao oh well. So im not an accountant. Teens girls are even more vicious than they were 2yrs ago. Over what? Shit like misspelling. I hope my kids generation will be better behaved

ambrahh 1 child; New Jersey 404 posts
19th Dec '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting SpaceCowgirl:</b>" Having A Baby Iz So Kewl."</blockquote>


bellaroses Due May 2; 2 kids; Seligman, Missouri 9 posts
20th Dec '12

Good god people quit we r adults and we r suppose to set the example on here not cause grief so what spelling ai,nt her best subject manners ain,t yours so your even grow up were all havin babies at all ages and we need each others help compassion and understanding to getthrough it

pants88 1 child; McClure, Ohio 197 posts
20th Dec '12

i didnt personally have a child that young but my best friend in high school was pregnant. she had two in high school and a miscarrage. best thing she did was stay in school, dont get involved in high school drama, its not worth what it does to your baby. do your homework get good grades youll need to grow up pretty quickly. and not to be rude but dont stress over boys even tho your probably at the age where you want a b/f but your about to be a mom! you dont need a man right now. and besides there more stress that young anyhow and again stress is not good for the baby at all. i guess mainly im saying stay in school and dont stress over stupid things. :)