Picky eating Peyton'sMommy♥ 1 child; Springfield, Ohio 16811 posts
6th Dec '12

When your toddler has a picky eating day (or like my toddler who has a picky eating day every day) do you just feed them something you KNOW they will eat (for Peyton it's chicken nuggets) or do you just give them whatever you make and figure they will eat when hungry. I know he won't starve himself but most days if he gets too picky I will make him chicken nuggets so that he's eating something. Someone told me I need to stop doing so because it will just make him spoiled and I shouldn't let him "get his way." What do you think/do?

LolaMcKitten Due May 30 (girl); 27 kids; Beverly Hills, California 15496 posts
6th Dec '12

Sometimes I do, unless we are seriously pinching pennies, then tough crap. I don't buy stuff for their lunches that I know they don't like so if they are refusing it, they are just being picky and can suck it up.

2 Baby Girls Due May 19; 4 kids; Utah 3212 posts
6th Dec '12

They get to eat what the rest of us eat.

Chellie Due September 19 (boy); 2 kids; Vegas, Nv, United States 4771 posts
6th Dec '12

*knock on wood* My 22 month old ins't too picky yet but I give him a choice on breakfast(cereal or fruit) and lunch(sandwich or something else) then dinner is what ever DH and I have so if he doesn't want it then he doesn't eat. Though he usually eats at least one thing I put on his plate. He doesn't eat much during the day when he is home with me though so his biggest meal is dinner when DH is home and over all he will just eat everything. I let him have snacks during the day too.

khigh 1 child; Fort Sill, Oklahoma 8101 posts
6th Dec '12

I feed DD what she wants because she is weird about textures and WILL starve herself. We tried making her eat what everyone else was eating and she refused to eat that meal, breakfast the next day, and lunch because she wanted an apple with peanut butter. She also does not have to clear her plate because if you make her and she eats too much, she will vomit.

Mandee ♥ 2 kids; Norfolk, VA, United States 1127 posts
6th Dec '12

We offer our son what we are eating. Generally, he's a slow eater and will eventually start eating what we're having..

If he's in one of his moods, we'll keep what we're having for dinner out until we're finished eating.. If he hasn't eaten or has picked at it, we'll make him something that we know he'll eat.. It's rare we have to make him something "special" to eat, but it happens.

shajenni TTC since Oct 2012; 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Dubbo, Australia 1108 posts
6th Dec '12

They eat what the rest of the family eat if they don't want it then that's fine but they are not getting anything else. If they are hungry they can have what was refused.

BareFootBabyMaker Due May 30 (boy); 2 kids; Springfield, Missouri 850 posts
8th Dec '12

My son hardly ever eats. He snacks here and there but has no interest in meals at all. I always make him a plate and try to make him take at least 1 bite of everything (he usually spits it out.) Then he sits with us until we're done. I don't force him to eat anything, hes 3 and I think its a texture thing