... ♥BUG 2 kids; Las Vegas, Nevada 5307 posts
6th Dec '12
user banned California 36390 posts
6th Dec '12

Tell him you do not want her there and tell the hospital the same thing.

The Time Police 2 kids; Cold Lake, AB, Canada 33524 posts
6th Dec '12

My SO wanted his mom in the delivery room, too... thankfully she lives out of the country, and I had her 2 days before her expected birthday... But, I don't really... like... my MIL. She has screwed up all of her children (even SO,) imo. I told the dr to tell MIL and SO that only the husband and doula can be in the room when I push... lol

Nikki+2 2 kids; Colorado Springs, Colorado 11116 posts
6th Dec '12

You're not being selfish at all. My husband wanted MIL in the room and I just flat out told him no.

Bogey Woman 2 kids; Fort Irwin, California 1892 posts
6th Dec '12

Tell the hospital staff not to let her in. I had to do that with my husband's grandmother. She still hates me, but I stand by my decision.

Red Rover Due February 25; 16 kids; California 1802 posts
6th Dec '12

Heck no. Your body your choice. Ask him to lie in a bed with his pants off and his legs wide open in front of your mom or even dad and ask him how he would feel?
You need to be comfortable so it will make it easier on you and your body. If your tensed and not relaxed all kinds of things can go wrong. If you don't want MIL in there then its no. She has to respect that. I'm sure she would too.

susanesque 2 kids; Georgia 8400 posts
6th Dec '12

I'd feel the same. I've only met DH's mom a handful of times and I would feel really uncomfortable. If I were you I would apologize but tell him when he pushes a baby out he can choose who watches. ;)

LoveMyBubbaBoy 2 kids; Michigan 3187 posts
6th Dec '12

We didn't have this issue but that's because I told him that I didn't want family staring at my vagina. I know you don't want to start a fight or anything, but the hospital will support your choice. I had the nurses kick people out when I didn't want them there. :)

Good luck.

Kam and Nick's momma Due January 15 (girl); 2 kids; Indianapolis, Indiana 60 posts
6th Dec '12

I don't think that you are being selfish at all. It is your birth experience and it should be up to you who you want in the room with you. Your SO shouldn't pressure you. You are the one pushing a human out of your vagina.

Chellie Due September 19 (boy); 2 kids; Vegas, Nv, United States 4267 posts
6th Dec '12

I had my mom and husband. That was it. It is your decision because you are giving birth. Have her come wait at the hospital but not come in the room till after baby is born. My MIL had work both times I went into labor so I didn't have that issue.

Crystal 3 kids; Hephzibah, Georgia 15028 posts
6th Dec '12

Absolutely not. Just because it's her first Grandchild does not give her the right to see you in that state. It's a very personal experience. He wouldn't have been okay with her in the room when the baby was created.

You need to be as comfortable as possible while in labor, it's pretty important. Stressing yourself can stress the baby.

user banned 2 kids; Silly, Belgium 6539 posts
6th Dec '12

Ultimately it's up to you. If you really don't want her there, stand your ground and explain it rationally. Personally, though, when I was giving birth I didn't give a shit who was in the room lol. Plus, his mom has given birth before and I'm sure that she's well aware of what goes on and if she's not an a*****e or a control freak, she probably won't have any expectations of you. I also don't think you have to worry about losing any attention that should be on you and the baby because she's there.

Sweet Little Lies TTC since Dec 2013; 2 kids; Deception, WI, United States 3591 posts
6th Dec '12

You're not being selfish at all. Just simply tell the nurse that you don't want her in the room, they will keep whoever you want out.

MamaTay[Kennedi] 1 child; Greenville, Texas 3194 posts
6th Dec '12

I have a friend who's fiancee's mom is pushing to be in the room. I say hell no. It uncomfortable enough with your OWN mom there. Why worry about DH's mom? I say no, shut that down. And if he keeps insisting then tell him he can wait in the hall. It sounds mean but thats not a place for someone you don't know that well to be in there witnessing child birth in all its gory glory. And he should be on your side.

the BEAST Wisconsin 15638 posts
6th Dec '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting Jude the Super k******r:</b>" Tell him you do not want her there and tell the hospital the same thing."</blockquote>


I only wanted DH in the delivery room. Only the 2 of us were there when baby was conceived so only the 2 of us need to be there when baby's born IMO