Men! Blah! AxylRose 2 kids; Australia 2126 posts
8th Dec '12

I get really frustrated that one of my partners mates keeps telling me I don't need to buy certain things for the baby, we are having a girl and my son will only be 16 months when she comes but he told me I DON'T need to buy a double pram, told me I still have three months left so why bother buying a car seat now? The carseat was 50% off and we picked it up two days ago. If I put any layby one for the baby they act like I'm buying things for MYSELF and tell me I don't need it. Well our baby needs clothes! Omygosh. I just want to scream sometimes with the things he comes out with.

Raωkeℓ 1 child; Costa Rica 8257 posts
8th Dec '12

I would just tell him to f**k off.
It's not his baby, or money. That's annoying.