Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!(picture overload) katxo 18 kids; Florida 7270 posts
8th Dec '12

to my baby.. He's 4 today!!!!! Here's a little timelinel_9b655aaf62e44354a14b0560c8277675.jpgl_a9e18a942e614b9daaa03975885cf5ac.jpggabrialchickenpox.jpg
(2 1/2 months old and his Chicken Pox face;was also diagnosed with having Torticollis)babygaga.jpg
6 monthsbabyeyes.jpggabe10.jpg
1 yeargabe.jpg
Last picture lol This was taken not that long ago. He's being feisty this am and not feeling too good so he says no pictures.

[[sorry for the picture overload. this guy has changed my life in so many ways. have no clue where I'd be without him!]]

:::Fat Momma::: 2 kids; Lacombe, Louisiana 614 posts
8th Dec '12

He's so adorable!!!!

Hope he has a wonderful birthday!

Puff the Magic Dragon! 15 kids; Ontario 14235 posts
8th Dec '12

Happy b-day to him.

JJ+Steven&David 2 kids; 1 angel baby; ., MO, United States 11186 posts
8th Dec '12

Awe Happy Birthday to him!!!!

Bryan Ray's Mommy + 1 ♥ Due June 26 (girl); TTC since Nov 2011; 1 child; 2 angel babies; Bryan, TX, United States 4107 posts
8th Dec '12

YAY!!! Happy Birthday Gabe!!! Lot of hugs and love from me and Bryan here in Texas!! Can't wait for y'all to finally be here!! :)

linsα most, CZ, Czech Republic 30363 posts
status 8th Dec '12

So sweet, Happy Birthday!

Cora's Mom 1 child; Wisconsin 1278 posts
8th Dec '12

I hope he has a wonderful birthday! He is such a cutie!

Amy♥NOAH♥Pook 2 kids; Arizona 14399 posts
9th Dec '12

I'm late on seeing this but Happy Birthday to him!! And he's so cute :)