Ovulating day before period? Help! S & S *20weeks* Due December 29 (boy); 16 kids; Larouche, Quebec 1123 posts
8th Dec '12

My cycle has baffled me.

Two days ago I posted photos of my positive OPK, 12 days late for my period. I was told to take a pregnancy test, so I bought two yesterday. However, yesterday my period decided to show up too. I tested anyways just in case, and the test was negative (I tested in the evening yesterday, so no first-morning urine).

What in the actual f**k!

I've used an ovulation test near to my period and if there was a line, it was faint as hell. But this line was DARKER than the control is this possible??? I took the test exactly right, peed on it for 10 seconds with it slanted downwards, kept it on a flat surface and waited 3 mins, results were the same after 10 mins as well (maximum wait time).....

Has this happened to anyone? Should I be worried? I'm being tested for infertility currently (just blood tests, haven't had any treatments or anything). Is there something seriously wrong with my cycle or organs or something? TIA!