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Dec 9th '12
Quoting Uncle Obama's Banana:" I've had this discussion sooo many times with other women and wanted to see what you guys think. Do you ... [snip!] ... other :lol: So what do you think? Is your SO anything like your father? Have you ever heard of this? Or am I just weird? :lol:"

I think there is some truth in this, I see it more in my cousins' relationship with their father and the one I have with my own.

As of now, my relationship with my dad is pretty nonexistent. I've never known him very well, and would see him occasionally here and there. He's in and out of my life, basically. Last time I've talked to him was over the phone about a couple years ago.
And what I find funny is that, I don't really have a general perspective on men. I attempt to have myself think of one good word that describes the male species in general, and fail each time lol I also don't find boys who start talking to me more easily trustworthy, feeling safe around them is a challenge. Let alone feeling comfortable with them. :( The thing that scares me the most is that I don't have a clue as to what makes a man a "good" man. There are only two traits that I can come up with, and I think they're fantasy-like traits to place in a guy.

Of course, it's always debatable as to whether or not this is connected with my not having my father around or not. I continue questioning this, though.

It makes me worried for my cousin, Lisa. She's thirteen and her father often degrades her a lot, basically telling her she's stupid and criticizing her foolish acts (this is what I've seen and been told by her). He calls her names like "scarecrow" and "airhead". smh
If it's true that fathers set girls up for what kind of guy attracts her, well..I'm worried Lisa may definitely find the wrong type of guy. :S