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Team lean 2013 .::KMP::.. 2 kids; Georgia 22 posts
8th Dec '12

I'm so excited! In my town our local YMCA holds a 10 week long weight loss competition and its based on the percentage of fat you lose! You weigh in once a week and win cash prizes weekly and you can have up to 5 people in a group or join as an individual well a group of us are joining! You can win hundreds of dollars and it can even go up to $4000 after the 10 weeks its amazing and I'm so ready for it! I have Bout 150 total to lose so this will defiantly motivate me to jump start weight loss:) anybody have any good nutrition ideas? Sorry for the typing or misspelling I'm on my iPhone and it autocorrects everything lol

Zeke&Silas Due June 22; 1 child; San Antonio, TX, United States 3181 posts
8th Dec '12

aww LUCKY! I wish all YMCA's did that

.::KMP::.. 2 kids; Georgia 22 posts
8th Dec '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting SierraZeke&Zach:</b>" aww LUCKY! I wish all YMCA's did that"</blockquote>

Yea it's awesome it should be everywhere bc our town has lost 66,000 pounds in 4 yrs!