Breastfeeding questions. ℓauren 1 child; Alabama 149 posts
9th Dec '12

I had my little girl on 12/4 by C-Section. She had IUGR and came out 5 lbs and 13 oz. When we left the hospital she was 5 lbs 3 oz, then went back the next day for a weight check and she was 5 lbs 6 oz. I am breastfeeding and had a rough start with latching which frustrated us both, then once we got that part down, I had majorly sore nipples. After I got through that, I've had extreme engorgement. The left side has relieved some, but the right still looks like Pam Anderson's b**b lol.

So my questions are, what are some great breastfeeding tips you guys have? I have gotten a pump, starting using lanolin and we are doing great with latching. The only problems I'm really having are leaking like CRAZY (best nursing pads? I'm going through them so quickly). I can barely get my tank top down before I'm dripping everywhere. What things made breastfeeding easier for you in the long run?

Also, I do plan to switch to formula by the end of January. What are the best methods in doing this? Post and run, as little Alex is sleeping so I want to rest while I can lol. TIA

MunchkinWrangler 4 kids; Rīga, Latvia 46773 posts
9th Dec '12

Why switch to formula of breastfeeding is going fine? Switching is hard on a baby's tummy, many times. Not something I would want to do, but that is just me.

Regarding breastfeeding, I liked the Johnson's nursing pads and I did best feeding him from one b**b at each feeding and making sure to switch each time. I only pumped once a day for storage purposes. The more you pump, te more you produce and the more you leak.

Leannah Carrasco 3 kids; Yuba City, California 346 posts
9th Dec '12

Well imo I think the pump could be causing it your supply is made with the suckling of baby or pump and so maybe try just rubbing your breast in shower to express the milk...

Melissa 1 child; Michigan 1409 posts
9th Dec '12

Can I ask why you plan to switch to formula? The engorgement and crazy leaking should be over pretty soon. I leaked pretty bad for the first month, poured all over myself! I used NUK brand nursing pads and they worked pretty well. Breastfeeding was very challenging for me in the beginning but what helped me continue was not keeping any formula in the house and seeing breastfeeding as the only option. We are doing great breastfeeding for three months now and she rarely gets bottles of pumped milk. We had latch issues, clogged ducts, engorgement, thrush, you name it but we never had to use formula.
Another thing that made breastfeeding easier was side-lying nursing at night. I don't have to sit up to feed her, or make a bottle I just lay down and pop the b**b in her mouth and we both fall asleep.

ℓauren 1 child; Alabama 149 posts
9th Dec '12

The reason for the switch is because my job that I have to go back to makes it difficult to pump. It's extremely high paced and stressful. I wanted to start her out with breastmilk though because I know that even just a couple months of it is better than never getting it. the pads I'm using seem so thin and like a waste of money for how often I have to change them. I do plan on looking for a new job while on maternity leave that will be easier to pump at, because I would like to keep it going.