How many weeks *____*76 California 24 posts
9th Dec '12

I'm so confusedddd, lol im 26 weeks, 27 weeks on weds. Ive been thinking this whole time i just entered my 6th month, am I reading the wrong counter? Or will i be heading into 7 months weds?

bi-eyes Due March 5 (boy); California 277 posts
9th Dec '12

it depends on how you time it. if you go by when you are starting the next month then you would be in your 6th month (if you count months with 30-31 days) or 7th month if you count months as 4 weeks. If you count by the month you just finished you would 5 months with the 30-31 day count or 6 months with the 4 weeks count. I always just tell people weeks or make something up because they don't know me so they dont really care specifically how far along i am.

Mama Kay ♡ 1 child; Wisconsin 18 posts
9th Dec '12

This helped me when I was curious to know!

Leash25 2 kids; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1589 posts
10th Dec '12

yup you will be entering in your 7th month.
this is what I used