Update on my mom, and I'm quitting disability. user banned
10th Dec '12

So, I have all of the info now.

Mom suffered an aneurysm that let to a huge blood clot in the back of her head. She also had a 9mm midline shift to people that have dealt with/heard of that.

She sat up in the local hospital for two days and they REFUSED to do a CT scan, despite the fact that I called an ambulance because she was having a headache on one side of the head and wasn't able to speak coherently.

My aunt (an RN from Arizona) and my other aunt (some kind of notarary/legal documentation lady from Texas) came in and they're taking care of everything....but they're kind of excluding me. tl;dr there's a chance I'm not relating to them because my biological mom (not the one that's sick, she's my adopted mom) may or may not have cheated on my dad, so I may or may not be related to them at all...but I digress, mom has had custody of me since I was a baby, so I'm her daughter, but no one really sees it that way...

They've raided her apartment and taken all of her important things and things that they want, just because they could at this point. She's not going to be able to live there anymore even if she makes a startling recovery.

Right now though, she's TRYING to talk, less than a day after brain surgery. She's not coherent, but her nurse really thinks she knows what she's TRYING to say, which is good news.

After mom gets rehabilitation care, she's probably going back to Texas with her sister....where she'll get the care she needs. She qualifies for her retirement AND disability, so she'll be well taken care of and happier than she would in this shit hole of a town.

A lot of people were worried about the fact that Addie and I were going to be split up, since my Grandma could only afford one of us...


I've decided that I can't afford to work on my disability anymore. Even if it kills me, even if it breaks me down, and even if I have to work harder than I ever have in my life, if it means being with my baby girl, then I'll have to make it work..

I'm going to try at least. =[ My real mom's side of the family has offered to help us, so as soon as we get mom's affairs taken care of, I'll be moving in with grandma.

She already has Addie while I'm trying to take care of things, and apparently she's really enjoying herself. :3 I can't wait to see my baby girl again!

SIDE NOTES: Before all of this happened I was staying with my mom, who was supporting me and Addie while I was working on disability for fibromyalgia and bipolar disorder.

My mom is my adopted mom, my dad's sister. My parents divorced when I was a baby, so neither my dad nor my biological mom has supported me. Unless I say "biological mom", I am addressing my adopted mom.

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10th Dec '12

Hope your mom gets better and things work out for you and your little one.

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10th Dec '12
Quoting LivvieLousMama:" Hope your mom gets better and things work out for you and your little one."

Thank you dear. I appreciate it.

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10th Dec '12

Your aunts are terrible :( I hope your mom gets better.

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10th Dec '12

that is such bs. they better put her things in storage for her or they can go to jail. those are still her things.