Potty Training 3 year old boy Caddy ÷ nwark, NJ, United States 9335 posts
Dec 10th '12

Uhg, I'm getting so frustrated.

For the longest time my son was afraid of the toilet so I didn't push him. He turned 3 this past June, he started getting interested in it... so I started with the potty training. He will pee in the toilet every time I put him on there and sometimes he tells me when he has to pee and we get him to the toilet on time...

but he will not even tell me when he poops let alone before.

I don't get it, last year he'd always tell me when he pooped so I could change his diaper. Now he sits in it and even lies about it if I ask him if he's pooped. So he sits in it until I check him or smell it.

Anyone know why or what to do? This has been going on for a while.
I try to make it fun for him to sit on the toilet, been letting him look at toy catalogs (making a list for santa) and giving stickers, etc.

He even goes to preschool and the other kids use the toilet and I told him he can have big boy underwear, but he just screams he doesn't want to he wants his diaper. (although he's in walmart cheap pullups now, I figured they don't hold much and he can really feel everything it.)

snglemama 4 kids; Georgia 11978 posts
Dec 10th '12

Just wait.. Average age for a boy is 3 and a half. That means many are trained much later. Both my boys were almost 4.

Caddy ÷ nwark, NJ, United States 9335 posts
Dec 10th '12
Quoting snglemama:" Just wait.. Average age for a boy is 3 and a half. That means many are trained much later. Both my boys were almost 4."

I just wish he would tell me even AFTER like he used to... instead he'll sit in it and get a rash.

CRSx2Mommy 18 kids; North Carolina 3475 posts
Dec 10th '12

This same thing is happening to my best friend. Her son is 3 and a half and started potty training at 3 years old. He still has accidents with poop a few times a week. It's so hard on her. I hope it gets better for you soon!

j0des(+2) 18 kids; Virginia 5095 posts
Dec 10th '12

mine just turned 3 in August..

he did do pretty well on the potty before we had our second child..then he was just like.. forget it.. if he can go in his pants so can I lol he wasn't ready

we were having the same issues as you.. incorporated a rewards chart with stickers.

first we did 10 stickers.. now that he's doing better we have upped it to 15.

when we get to the amount of stickers in the agreement.. we let him choose a reward and who takes him to get that reward.. (we let him go to the dollar store and get a toy)

its nice.. he also gets his one on one time. we found out he wanted to spend more time with my husband.. because he always chooses him since the 3rd time.

sometimes it would take him a week to get his stickers.. but we wouldn't push him.. it was his choice. I haven't had but a few poop incidents in the last few weeks(he had stomach upset). I don't miss changing man size poops with man size stinks lol he is doing much better.. though mornings are our hassle.. he doesn't want to be bothered and gets angry about us asking him to go potty.

sadly, its all in their time. while you can give them a push.. they do it when they're ready.