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7 almost 8 weeks old. Rebecca Beebe Due May 29; 1 child; Columbus, Ohio 206 posts
10th Dec '12

My son will be 8 weeks old on Thursday. How much should he eat? My MIL told me he wasn't eating enough since he only eats 4 oz. Trust me though, he is NOT starving. He's a big boy, almost 13 lbs. He eats every 3 hours on the dot. I know all babies are different but how much does/did your baby eat?

Kady 5 kids; 1 angel baby; A, TX, United States 3522 posts
10th Dec '12

That's the amount my kids ate. You know, trust yourself.

Jennybananna 2 kids; Gilbert, AZ, United States 25079 posts
10th Dec '12

At that age she was primarily breastfed but my 10 month old eats 4-6oz every 3-4 hours so im gonna just fine.

LenaRestad 17 kids; Crescent City, California 79 posts
10th Dec '12

Thats fine my LO is 9 weeks and eats 4-5 ounces every 4 hours usually