What to do with your child when you go into labor? ♡ ♡ ♡ Due April 1; 1 child; Nevada 1058 posts
Dec 10th '12

My SO and I were discussing this the other day, and we really aren't sure what we want to do with LO, who is 2, when I go into labor. I'm crazy attached to her, and have never been away from her for more than an hour since birth. So naturally I want her there, but I realize that's not really practical, but the only people I trust to take her are my parents, who of course my SO does not trust!

So I'm curious what others have done? Were they there for the birth? How long did they stay in the hospital to meet their new brother/sister? Who did they stay the night(s) with? Etc.

Leah+2 2 kids; Texas 5797 posts
Dec 10th '12

My SIL had her two year old at the hospital the whole time she was there having baby #2.

elle* mummy of 3!! 3 kids; Australia 248 posts
Dec 10th '12

My inlaws saved us! As with my second two I was in hospital early with pre e aswell. My husband stayed there with them and came back and forth to the hospital until I came home :)

1inpink3inblue Due December 7 (boy); 3 kids; Switzerland 13181 posts
status Dec 10th '12

They stayed with my sister because my mom was with me then with my mom.

almuuh 2 kids; California 1701 posts
Dec 10th '12

DD is also 2 and we're gonna pay SO's little sister to come with us to the hospital and watch her there. We want DD to be there so she can be the first to meet the new baby, but SO's sis will be there in case she gets tired or scared.

jo-jo 2 kids; ..., SA, Australia 2335 posts
Dec 10th '12

We took our son to my parents house. My parents place is up the road from us andwe pass it on the way to the hospital, we had planned that my parents would be looking after him anyway. I had my baby at 1:30am and my parents and Dh brought my son in the morning 7:30am to meet his little brother.

Vivialopod 2 kids; Vantaa, Finland 42788 posts
Dec 10th '12

My mom will come with me to the hospital and my grandma is going to take my daughter. We already talked about it. She'll come up as soon as we're settled in the recovery room, provided it's not too late at night.

Chandra LaMae Reese 2 kids; Appleton, Wisconsin 269 posts
Dec 10th '12

Our daughters god father watches our little girl while we were in the hospital

____ 2 kids; 3 angel babies; Texas 5840 posts
Dec 10th '12

My inlaws had my daughter when I had my c/s.
They brought her to the hospital when I got released.

DeanJade&Mak's Mom 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Los Angeles, CA, United States 8830 posts
Dec 10th '12

They stayed with my mom and godmother, they took time off work and just kept kids busy...

Buzz and Almond Joys momm 2 kids; Albuquerque, New Mexico 12593 posts
Dec 10th '12

My son was 22 months and he went to the hospital with us until my husbands parents came and they kept him out of the room. He was in the room with me until the pain got really bad and I had my husband take him out so he would not get scared.

Pey and Trista's mommy Due January 5; 3 kids; 2 angel babies; Houston, Texas 42503 posts
Dec 10th '12

Haven't looked that far ahead but my niece watched her brother be born...she was 4 at the time though...well almost 4.

+Sunshine+ 2 kids; Texas 4149 posts
Dec 10th '12

My SO's mom had her, but AT the hospital during the part of having him and during labor. She took her to McDonalds and Walmart though too. Never did she take her home.

After I had him, SO went home with her. It was hard for him, especially because she knew something was def happening. But it eventually turned out okay.

the BEAST Wisconsin 15638 posts
Dec 10th '12

DS went to my sister's while I delivered (dropped him off on my way to the hospital) and she kept him overnight. This time around I have 2 friends who can watch the kids or pick them up from school if need be. We live 3 hours from our nearest family and my hospital is 30-45 min away from here) so we've got to rely on friends. We also have a sitter who could take them after school in a pinch

Hy'ska 2 kids; Your mom, WA, United States 50865 posts
Dec 10th '12

My 2 year old was in the living room when I delivered in my bedroom