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11th Dec '12

My daughter was brought in and admitted last Wednesday for RSV and Bronchiolitis she is still in the hospital and is on 25 ccs of oxygen. Everytime they take her off she does great till she falls asleep. Then she drops to the high 80S and stays there for a few minutes. I've been asking and I get conflicting answers from the different nurses and doctors and all of them have said its not unusual for babies her age (1 month) to need oxygen with these conditions but the fact that she still needs it a week later and that she hasnt been able to be weaned off it in the past 3 days is uncommon. She has been stuck at that same level. They cannot give me any answers and they will not do another chest x ray. When she had the first one it was abnormal and you could see all the spots and infection in they say her lungs sound great and she hasnt had breathing treatments for several days. My biggest concern is when she was born she turned blue the day after she was born and had to be put on oxygen for a week after...they gave me no explanation. Now im just overwhelmed I feel she needs to see some type of specialist because there are issues with her lungs. Catch is she cant see a specialist until she goes home but they wont release her till she is off oxygen...but so far looks like she wont get to that point because of the drops when she sleeps
Sorry so long im just overwhelmed and extremely frustrated