39 weeks with a soft cervix Dani Bryant-Murray TTC since Jul 2013; 17 kids; Manchester, New Hampshire 285 posts
11th Dec '12

I just got checked at my dr apt and I am still only 1 cm dialated but my doctor said that my cervix is soft. Has anyone ever had this, what exactly does it mean?

~*Wibbly Wobbly*~ 4 kids; Kansas 3041 posts
11th Dec '12

nothing really. Just eventually sometime soon you could start going it to labor .. hours ...days...couple more weeks... LOL ... I walked around 4-5 cm dilated and a soft cervix and that little booger showed no signs of wanting to come out till he was good and ready LOL .

Dr would tell me " I will be surprised if you make it to your appointment next week" ... I would laugh and say .. want to put money on that? ...saw her the following weeks .. sure enough :) She was a great doctor but more impatient than I was :)

Lindie (blissed out) 2 kids; Australia 12462 posts
11th Dec '12

It means your body is preparing for labour. It doesn't necessarily mean labour will be soon (like tomorrow) but at this point of your pregnancy soon can mean any time in the next couple weeks!

The cervix needs to not only dilate - but also soften and thin. Your cervix throughout pregnancy would have been long, hard and closed. It needs to soften and go completely flat before you start dilating.

Mommy0928 Due January 11; 3 kids; Michigan 168 posts
11th Dec '12

Having a soft cervix really means nothing as far as how long its going to take. I was in l&d 4 weeks ago at 30 weeks pregnant my cervix was complementary soft & I was dilated to 1cm... 2 weeks ago @ 32 weeks I was 3-4cm 70% effaced & -1 for the babies position & Im 34 weeks & still pregnant!