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12th Dec '12
Quoting MommyToWesley:" That is really late for a school night. I wouldn't make him go unless he wants to. OT, but where do you live in IA? DH and I just moved from North Liberty, IA here to Delaware a couple months ago."

I live in the northernish corner of Iowa. Close to Okaboji, Fort Dodge, Ames ect... all are about a hour to 2 hour drive.

wombie 4 kids; Zimbabwe 73281 posts
12th Dec '12

Absolutely do not make that poor child go to a birthday party that he has been so vocally opposed to.

Like, I wouldn't even give it a second thought if my child said they didn't want to go.....and I'd also be doing a little more investigating into his allegations that this kid has hit him. Maybe the kid didn't hit him, but there is a reason your son doesn't like him or want to go to his party. Most kids LOVE birthday parties so there is usually a damn good reason if they're super opposed to going to one they've been invited to.