maybe early potty training? diiamondchula 18 kids; Toms River, New Jersey 754 posts
12th Dec '12

My first daughter was potty trained at 2 years old (thank god) and she showed me she was interested in the potty around 20 months .now I have a second one who is 17 months and for the passed week she has grown enourmously interested in the potty. she does the obvious signs of grunting and all that. If I asked her if she pooped she points to her put bla bla bla if I ask her were it is suppose to go she points to the potty (I am happy shes got the concept down because I know alot of children struggle with that concept) so I began putting her on the potty when I am about to change her diaper (with her cloths and diapers on) just to get her comfortable with the whole potty idea. who knows maybe early potty training?

FutureMommyof2 Due June 5; 1 child; Charlotte, North Carolina 1035 posts
12th Dec '12

My daughter was similar in her actions and fully potty trained by 18 months so I say go for it :)