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12th Dec '12

Yesterday LO went into the kitchen and got into yhe ca inets. He came out with both.hands behind his back and when I looked at him he said "I have nothing." and ran to his room. Hahaha Turns out he had a bottle of ketchup. Anyone else's kid do something funny lately?

The Doctor 2 kids; Whiskey Dick Mountain, WA, United States 59927 posts
12th Dec '12

Ayanna was staring at her belly button last night and said, "It's like a little bird bath."

Momma +2 Girls 2 kids; Indiana 3612 posts
12th Dec '12

DD was playing with one of those halloween decorations that play music. After the 5th time of the same song DH tol her not to press the button again but she did anyway. He took it from her and she said "My grandma gave me that!!!" And he said "i dont care. Its not halloween anymore its christmas." She said "well *maybe* my grandma should have given me a Christmas one then!!" Lol we started laughing at her and she yelled "STOP IT!!! Its not funny!! Quit laughing!!" Lol

Renegade♥ 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Indian Rocks Beach, FL, United States 5466 posts
status 12th Dec '12

as i was reading this LO put a few stickers on my arm and keeps pulling them off and moving them. one of them had a long hair stuck on it. wen he pulled that one off he said oh im sorry mommy and tryed to put the hair back on my arm. lol

Tarynosaurus Rex San Antonio, Texas 1271 posts
12th Dec '12

When my niece was 2 and going through potty training she hid behind the couch and took her diaper off. Then she pooped on the floor. When my sister saw my niece said the dog did it. lmao