School...meltdown... :( ♛ Spectacular.#4 4 kids; Alabama 19636 posts
13th Dec '12

Today DS told me he was scared of school and told his step dad and I that he didn't want to go because his teacher is mean to him and he's scared. Well, he had a meltdown on me while we waiting at the school for class to start he kicked, hit, and even headbutted me repeatedly saying he was scared of going to school...(HE NEVER HAS ACTED THIS WAY!) When he calmed down he just sat in my lap and wrap his face/body in my jacket...then when I took him into class he latched onto my leg with a death grip, his teacher pried him off of my leg and said "let's just go" to me...and he was just bawling... He normally just goes into class without an issue except the last two days... Something is going on at that school and I don't know how to find out... I'm worried about DS... I think I'm going to keep him out tomorrow and see how he acts... I don't know what to do...

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user banned California 8675 posts
13th Dec '12

Why you didnt talk to the teacher when she took him off your leg? How old is he? Speak to the principal and change classes.

ILOVEWINE Due April 24; 2 kids; Sweden 10814 posts
13th Dec '12

I would talk to his teacher and find out. Or just ask if you can stay in the classroom for a few days to observe him.

Olive ♥ 1 child; North Carolina 4902 posts
13th Dec '12

I would be having a meeting with the principle and the teacher. Then I would change classes. And you could always do what that dad did when his autistic child was having problems at school. Sent him to school with a wire on.