not sure what to do??? Veronika Karn Due January 22; Meridian, Idaho 117 posts
14th Dec '12

i was sitting at work the last 30 35 minutes and i felt kinda like i wet myself but i didnt pee; but when i went to the bathroom it wasnt a major leakage it was just a little bit; and i went back and sat down and the lower part my stomach started to tighten and my back got a quick pain and it went away but then did it every 10-15 minutes after that. i got home and it was still going on while i drove home but when i got home it stopped for about 20 minutes or so.
ive been loosing my plug for a couple days but im only 34 weeks and 2 days?

Pistol Annie☆ 2 kids; Houston, TX, United States 12634 posts
14th Dec '12

I would go to the hospital... you very well could be in labor :?

Baby Ballow Mommy 2 kids; Athens, Texas 658 posts
14th Dec '12

I'd call hospital or just go in. Better safe than sorry for sure

1&1 We're Done! 2 kids; Nevada 10963 posts
14th Dec '12

Sounds like a little bit of false labor, if its doesnt get closer together, or progressively get more uncomfortable its most likely false labor.

Veronika Karn Due January 22; Meridian, Idaho 117 posts
14th Dec '12

yeah i was thinking of going to L&D but my mom told me to wait another 20 minutes so she could drive me sense she is on her way over because she doesnt want me to drive in and have something happen

Cady Browne Kendrick Due February 5; 1 child; Texas 218 posts
15th Dec '12

You can loose your plug several weeks before you actually go into labor, and you could also have a slow water leak. If your baby is dropping lower, or is positioned just right, it will give you sharp pains and pressure to sit down, go to the bathroom, cough or even sneeze. But I would suggest getting checked to make sure it's not early labor.