Lily Met Santa Today Druna 2 kids; Tennessee 22661 posts
15th Dec '12


and she did so good! my parents took us and DH to the mall in Nashville just so Lily could see a "real" Santa (with a real beard). they stood in line with her and let DH and i go shopping for a bit. we came back as they were finally getting close. we got 2 kids away and Lily started to have a melt down. i just thought it was so not going to go well, that it was gonna be horrible and the pic be ruined, but i think it turned out SO GREAT!!!:D

Tippie 3 kids; Salem, Oregon 12579 posts
15th Dec '12

Her outfit is so cute!

Jenna + 2 Beauties California 12806 posts
15th Dec '12

how adorable!

Druna 2 kids; Tennessee 22661 posts
15th Dec '12
Quoting Tippie:" Her outfit is so cute!"

I love it! my mom got it for her.