Pork steaks. Mother of Hayward. 1 child; Illinois 2673 posts
16th Dec '12

How do you cook them in the oven? Lol
My mom's out for dinner tonight.. and I have no idea how to make pork steaks [Making something else isn't really an option]
We don't have any barbecue sauce.. so we can't do that.

I'm definitely not supposed to be a woman *sigh

Thanks ladies!

Andi+Andy=Marley+1 2 kids; Fredericksburg, Virginia 4564 posts
16th Dec '12

I mix Dijon mustard and honey together with a bit of salt an pepper with some red pepper flakes. And poor over the pork chops in a baking dish. Cook and 325 fo 25 minutes if there is NO bone. If there is bone then cook at 350 for 30 minutes

Or if you have breadcrumbs you can bread them and cook the same way.