inconclusive ultrasound... Lindsay Herr Due May 13; Japan 3 posts
Dec 17th '12

I went for my 18 week anatomy ultrasound & the tech couldn't determine the sex of our baby. Has this happened to anyone else. If so, what were the results? We are going back on January 10th & hopefully our little one cooperates! ;) We are eager to know if our son is getting a bro or sis! :)

Squeaky McGee 3 kids; 3 angel babies; Indiana 75791 posts
status Dec 17th '12

Yeah, that happened at my 20 week scan. We found out at 24 weeks, but it was still iffy.

♥MamaToS&O♥ 2 kids; ., IL, United States 12370 posts
Dec 17th '12

Yep happened to me at 19 weeks. He was curled into a ball with his legs crossed. Wouldve had to wait till 32 weeks but they wanted me to see a specialist because they couldnt get a clear look at his organs and he had what appeared to be cysts on the brain(they werent)

Went in at 21 weeks and found out he was a boy. Took a while but he finally uncrossed his legs.

ChubbyCheekers 2 kids; New York 3117 posts
Dec 17th '12

Mine almost was...DS had his legs crossed and just when they were about to give up, he decided to cooperate and uncross them.

DD had no such modesty :)

Lindsay Herr Due May 13; Japan 3 posts
Dec 17th '12

Thanks all!!! I'm dying to know. I think another boy! :)