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17th Dec '12
Quoting Pretty Mama':" These laws on gun control are not to harm anyone- they are to protect you and your childrens in times ... [snip!] ... not saying get rid of guns, but strict laws and the amount of HAND guns people can have should be limited. just my opinion. "

Yep. Your opinion. Luckily you don't have to worry about that because you live in Canada.

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17th Dec '12
Quoting .Colleen.:" No mandatory waiting period in your state?"

I didn't have to wait at all when I went. I bought a few guns for my husband and it was so easy. It's been a few years since we've purchased any, but as far as I know, there is no waiting period.

Pretty Mama' 3 kids; Kitchener, Ontario 580 posts
17th Dec '12

"No single law can eliminate evil from the world...but that can't be a excuse for inaction. surely we can do better." - President Obama. it's clear there needs to be a change, whatever it is you decide as a Country, mental healthy, gun control, more security. but this has happened way too much even within the last year. I understand horrible crimes like this happen everywhere - I'm not dumb I know they happen in Canada too - but doing nothing means that you have done nothing to prevent it happening again. Again my deepest sympathy to the families and your country, and Canadians do care, so please don't act as if we don't we have always stood beside you, and we always take your advise and appreciate it- even if it's not used. I hope as a country you will take the time to heal, and collectivly think of positive changes whatever it may be.

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status 17th Dec '12

I'm heartbroken about this whole tragedy. It is extremely sad and unfair.

I don't believe it will do anything to our right to own guns and personally I don't believe it should. It is a constitutional right to bear arms.

People made meth and heroin illegal. They are still a huge problem in our society. For criminals it doesn't matter if something is against the law they will and do those things that are against the law. Or they wouldn't be criminals.

He would have found some other way to do what he did. Here in Wyoming there was a situation where a man killed his father with a hunting bow then stabbed himself on campus of a college. Also in China the same day that the CT shooting happened a stabbing occurred.

Also this school already had a system where you had to be buzzed in. How he bypassed this system I don't know but he did somehow.

If we were to eliminate guns we would be giving up two constitutional rights. Right to bear arms and search/seizure.

I hope this brings alot more help for mental illness. That is what is lacking in this country. Funding for mental illness.