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18th Dec '12
Quoting DeanJade&Maksims Momma:" <blockquote><b>Quoting Penises 3:Vaginas 1:</b>" I think her post was poorly worded, ... [snip!] ... to respect him because he went to school 2 years longer than me, I respect him because he's a good nurse in every sense of it."

And that's all you can do! We need more dedicated nurses in todays day and age.

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18th Dec '12
Quoting Penises 3:Vaginas 1:" Oh, I'm not in anyway saying that is happens ALL the time, but like I said, is a person thinks they are superior they will find ANYWAY possible to let you know it. KWIM? "

Then that is when you tell them to worry about their patients and let you take care of yours.

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18th Dec '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting Penises 3:Vaginas 1:</b>" I've thought about going for my LPN and then bridging to RN, but theres ONE school who does LPN courses ... [snip!] ... and it will not fit into my schedule, and it's like $4000. I could get my RN in 2 years and pay just about the same. KWIM?"</blockquote>

my course came close to 20,000 lol, with fin. Aid and all that fun stuff...

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status 18th Dec '12
Quoting ♥ logan's mommy:" you're the only person that kinda got what I meant! I know I worded it wrong, and I stated that! "

I see where you're coming from now, OP. Sorry if I came across a little harsh. Next time it bothers you, just remind yourself you'll be making more money, and have more responsibilty.

I'm a lab tech, and patients call us nurses all the time. :)

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19th Dec '12
Quoting Penises 3:Vaginas 1:" Anatomy kicked my ass more then once... :?... Lol. I love biology, but I'm getting out of a shitty, ... [snip!] ... shitty, verbally abusive marriage, so I hope I can actually stick with it, ya know? Well I know I will. I have to for my kids. "

Anatomy kicked my ass too :( I have to retake it...ugh it bothered me too because I was doing so well & then all of a sudden I was having a lot of stomach issues because of my IBS & missed class a few times which made me get too far behind. :( Anatomy, you have to stay on that shit or else it kicks your ass seriously.

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19th Dec '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting Penises 3:Vaginas 1:</b>" Dude, I failed A&P 4x. Lol. No joke. It kicked my ass, hard... Repeatedly. "</blockquote>

Yea I got a B the first time and a C+ this time (diff school). I'm NOT taking it again so I switched majors. It sucks but I'm tired of wasting my time.

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19th Dec '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting Penises 3:Vaginas 1:</b>" I've seen it, and I've heard about it. My MIL has her ASN and her co workers with BSNs have said things ... [snip!] ... "as educated" as BSNs because of those 2 extra years. People will get a superiority complex over ANYTHING. ( well some people.)"</blockquote>

Eh, qualified? Sure. But you do have a broader education with a BSN.
I don't think it makes one a better nurse though.