Devil's Advocate Beverly Hills, California 18191 posts
18th Dec '12

Too far...but I can't understand with the pain and concern still very fresh.

♥ in 32 kids; Matosinhos, Portugal 1495 posts
18th Dec '12
Quoting Snotface♫[usmc]:" There's a t-shirt kiosk in our mall that has pre-made decals to put on shirts or you can have something ... [snip!] ... a few days ago, the mall management is now demanding the decals with guns on display to be taken down. Too far or justified?"

People are touched beyond words can tell. People are sensible. People are shocked. Every single reminder of the shooting will break my heart, so seeing a t-shirt with guns and something encouraging them, would do no good. I don't think it's taking it too far, at all.