Dreams AshtianJean 32 kids; El Paso, Texas 632 posts
19th Dec '12

Does anyone dream about their lost baby? I lost Bean sept 5th 2011 and since then I've had dreams about him being itty bitty and breastfeeding to him crawling and walking... I know the brain can't generate faces, but I see my son. It's bittersweet. I get to watch him grow up, but it's only in my dreams.

[Pinky & the [B] rain. TTC since Sep 2014; 2 angel babies; Illinois 5741 posts
19th Dec '12

I do sometimes..

blah 17 kids; Alabama 7639 posts
19th Dec '12

I dreamed about my son all throughout my pregnancy with him and until the day he died, every time I slept he was in my dreams. I have not a single dream of him since then in 2007 although I pray for it every night. :(