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19th Dec '12

Walmart is going to ruin my Christmas surprise! Sunday I sent photos to be printed out in an hour. I go the next day to pick them up but the machine was down. Went the next day and it was still down. Called today and it's still down!!! So I asked online if I could transfer it, she gave me a number to call. 35Minute hold later I was told I CAN'T transfer it. So I had to rebuy the stuff and sent it to another store. And it's saying it won't be ready until tomorrow at 11am! It's like 6:40pm now.

I gotta ship the stuff to Pennsylvania and I'm in Louisiana. I just know it'll be late for Christmas. :( I wanted the card to be my pregnancy announcement on Christmas because that's when everyone will be together. I just want to cry. I hope I can afford to ship it faster so it gets there in time. This is my first Christmas away from my family and it's hard. I miss them. T.T


Ella Minnow Pea Delight, Arkansas 3914 posts
19th Dec '12

If you're just sending it in a regular envelope (like not framing it where it will be in a larger package or something), it'll probably get there on time. I'm in GA and our Christmas cards (also with a pregnancy announcement photo :) ) made it to Hawaii, Washington state, Pennsylvania, etc. within 2 days. Just be sure to get them in the mail tomorrow (or even Friday if you're feeling brave), even if you have to drop them off at the post office to ensure they get picked up on time.