Itching everywhere! Whittnee 65 kids; South Carolina 13 posts
20th Dec '12

Ok so it's been about three days and my whole body has been itching everywhere non stop. I mean so bad that I'll end up making myself bleed. I've tried everything I can think of. Alcoho bathing,Benadryl pens, lotion, ice. My hands, neck and legs are the worst. But the whole things awful. Does anyone know what to do??

P.S. there's no rash or bumps.

Harajuku Girl 4 kids; Your House, NY, United States 29371 posts
status 20th Dec '12

I've been going through the same thing.

I think I'm allergic to my BC pills, since there's no other explanation.

Are you taking any medications? Could be it.

Whittnee 65 kids; South Carolina 13 posts
20th Dec '12

I'm on Wellbutrin (hormon buster and depresstion med) I've been on it for about two weeks. And have been on the depo birth control shot over a year. The itching just started.

Peyton'sMommy♥ 1 child; Germantown, OH, United States 16835 posts
20th Dec '12

Are you pregnant currently? That can be a sign of your liver malfunctioning (I think). If not, it could be nerves..have you been stressed lately? When I get too overloaded with stress I tend to itch everywhere and nothing really helps. I only take Benadryl to help me sleep but it doesn't stop the itching.