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23rd Dec '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting Two Princesses:</b>" Aww that's a cute name. We have decided our daughter will be named Kira Elizabeth. With the cerclage ... [snip!] ... in greatly reduce the risk of complications? Glad everything is going well. Continuing to keep you and yours in my thoughts. :)"</blockquote>

It doesn't prevent pre term labor at all, just incompetent cervix. I have a history of both (incompetent cervix can cause you to go into labor, but it's different than regular preterm labor). So, it won't prevent contractions, but it should help my cervix not dilate without contractions---when my contractions start getting more than 1-2 per day like they are now, my doc will give me meds to prevent and stop them.

But it definitely gives us a fighting chance.