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4th Feb '13

Hi. Last I checked, this debate was about whether or not a woman should be permitted to wear a niqab in court. Not about Islam in general.

With that being said, I am an Iraqi/Arab/Muslim and I can read/speak and understand Arabic. Classical Arabic as well.

eKnuckles being a convert does not mean she knows less than those that are born into Islam. The majority of time, a person who spends the time to learn about the religion before converting tends to know MORE than a lot of those that are born into Islam. So your argument is invalid and it's a no true scotsman argument.

What she posted about the Qur'an is an accurate translation and interpretation. With that being said, even me, an Arab born and raised in an Arabic country that grew up going to school learning how to read and understand the Qur'an, find it sometimes difficult to understand what's being said. There are special types of scholars that interpret the text IN THE ORIGINAL ARABIC and put it into terms we can understand and apply in modern day. There are many euphemisms and things like that as it is written in a poetic way (hence the challenge to anyone to ever create anything even remotely comparable to the Qur'an, a challenge yet unfulfilled 1400 years later.)

I always get as kick out of people thinking they know it all about my religion and trying to debate about it because they are a google academic.

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4th Feb '13
Quoting Layla-and-Faith:" I'm not preaching to her. I could careless what she chooses to follow but I feel from reading it that ... [snip!] ... is popular, seem to see it in a very different way then those who convert and read different/updated versions of the qur'an."

the thing is,

the way the Quran teaches its people, and the way its people interpret its teachings are two totally different things. in WESTERN SOCIETY it is not OK to beat woman or be married to many wives or to ask women to cover thier bodies in order to help men not be provoked... but in a Muslim society, these things are not uncommon. I just dont see the sense in trying to force anyone to believe that what thier religion teaches is wrong. there is a reason some women flee muslim societies and some dont. Because some women feel opressed, and others dont!!

think of it like this:

the Bible teaches alot of things.... and every denomination of Christianty interprets it differently. it doesnt mean any of them are wrong they just practice differently.

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4th Feb '13
Quoting Layla-and-Faith:" Can you read in their language because if not, I am 100 percent sure that you are NOT reading the orginal ... [snip!] ... to read the real qu'ran, who has lived through a life surrounded by people who following the real qu'ran, over what you say."

most muslims who convert actually do learn to read the texts in thier original language.