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If you don't like your in-laws... ♥Mama Constantine 2 kids; 3 angel babies; Texas 5798 posts
20th Dec '12

Do you still visit them at Christmas?
Why or why not?

I don't have the best relationship with mine, but I still suck it up and go for DH and our kid's sake.

bloopbloop♥ 1 child; Illinois 13681 posts
20th Dec '12

I don't have to because they don't celebrate but I would for my SO.

Kimber-lily Due September 27 (girl); 4 kids; Nova Scotia 28962 posts
20th Dec '12

No I do not still visit them on Christmas. My SO is more than welcome to go over to his mothers house if he would like, but I won't go over their and neither will my children.
I don't believe in playing the game of pretending to enjoy their company, especially when they don't enjoy mine either. Seems stupid.

melahknee 2 kids; Olympia, Washington 12249 posts
20th Dec '12

Hell no, I don't care to see my mother in law, she's constantly drunk & chain smoking. and my children shouldn't be around that.

Commander Shepard 18 kids; Jacksonville, Florida 6447 posts
20th Dec '12

We're not going this year because I don't feel comfortable driving that far. But if we were, I don't think it's fair to travel to see my family who live in the same city as my in-laws and not see them.

Bettinas 2 kids; Australia 2204 posts
20th Dec '12

Yes I do...... They live about a minute's drive from our house so I can't escape :lol:

Lois. 1 child; Pennsylvania 2604 posts
20th Dec '12

I suck it up for my SO.
BUT I refuse to let my daughter around her when she's wasted being a psycho b***h so I don't know how much longer I'll be going over there.

JoAnna &hearts's Jett 1 child; Midlothian, TX, United States 5686 posts
20th Dec '12

We've never spent a holiday with his family. Well one thanksgiving my FIL came over to our house for dinner. My MIL just really never makes time for us. :/

Vivian [♥] 2 kids; Balls Deep, in, Georgia 13908 posts
20th Dec '12

Thank god no.
Both mine and his family live in other states :P

one of each 4 me TTC since Mar 2014; 2 kids; Ohio 6169 posts
20th Dec '12

we will visit my husband's uncle but not his mom. his mom turned into a major b***h to me and called leaving a bunch of threatening voicemails on my phone. so i refuse to go there and told him that if he goes there that it is hugely disrespectful to me.

Moses. Due October 27; 3 kids; Texas 16003 posts
20th Dec '12

I used to. But f**k no now. I am tired of sucking it up and being treated like shit. And my kids won't be going either. I refuse to put them in an unhealthy situation. EVERY time they go out there they come homing running a high fever from all of the germs and smoke in the house.

Andrea, Mandy's momma Due July 27 (girl); 1 child; Washington 29 posts
20th Dec '12

I'm letting him go but we decided it was best me and our daughter didn't join. His mom undermines me on a regular basis and talks shit about me to him and thinks he doesn't tell me and there's so much faking I can do before I'm pissed off lol trust me, I feel your pain :( wish it was easier.

user banned 1 child; New Orleans, Louisiana 18159 posts
20th Dec '12

Fil lives on our property. No escape. Doooooommmmmeeeddd. Damn it. I hate his face.

SR ♥ 1 child; V, AR, United States 7830 posts
20th Dec '12

No. My FIL got a text from my DH saying that our son was born......He didn't reply. He can choke on a dick.

♥Mama Constantine 2 kids; 3 angel babies; Texas 5798 posts
20th Dec '12
Quoting RunsWithScissors:" Fil lives on our property. No escape. Doooooommmmmeeeddd. Damn it. I hate his face."

Me too. Mine was here with me, alone earlier to bring back DD's car seat.