My weight loss journey Weinus Badger 1 child; Oak Harbor, Washington 54 posts
21st Dec '12

Just wanted to post on here to get support/ideas and maybe help others looking to lose weight. First off, I have hypothyroidism and it's been with me almost 4 years. I take Synthroid and my levels are "within limits" I also had a knee injury that has pretty much left me to where I am unable to run and prolonged standing causes severe pain. It's not treatable aside from replacing the knee but I have to wait another 10 years or so.

I started out around 238lbs or so (at 6' tall) and some of you may remember me from when I was deployed to Iraq. I was able to get down to about 200lbs by restricting my diet and exercising 5-6x a week. (It was easy out there since I had no thing else to do with my free time)

Since being home for a year my weight has been back up to about 220-211 lbs. Not too terrible but I've been able to keep most of the weight off. I am determined to get down below 185. I've seen a nutritionist, had any bloodwork imaginable (only thing was I was low on vitamin D) My thyroid levels are right where they should be. (also free T3) I haven't been exercising the last few months due to recovery from my knee surgery and now I feel I'm ready.

So I've decided that I've tried losing weight with exercise and diet and although I'm able to keep my calories around 1500 or so I'm still unable to lose much if at all and I need help. I was about 220 in August. So down 10lbs in 4 months plus or minus a few. I need a little extra help.

So I decided to go to a weightloss clinic out in town and I started Phentremine and Cytomel (T3) today. The Phen medicine I don't plan on taking more than a month or two if that. The T3 I do plan on taking long term if it works well with my Synthroid to help reduce my tiredness and sluggishness. (although the Vitamin D has seemed to help I've been taking that for about a month and a half) I've weighed the pros and cons of the Phen medicine and I don't have any risk factors that inhibit me taking it (good cholesterol, bp, heart, etc.)

So I apologize for ranting too much but I figured I'd try and keep this thread updated once in a while and let you know how/if the perscription affects me and if it helps with my weightloss program I already have implemented.

Day 1 - Seems like it's been an average day so far, I took one Phen pill this morning with my Synthroid and T3 meds. I seemed a little peppy today. Farther towards the evening I seemed to be craving some sweets/carbs I think it might be due to not drinking as much water today. Breakfast was wheat toast with jelly, 2 boiled eggs, and a cup of coffee with 1% milk. Lunch was a handful of mixed nuts and a sugar free nonfat white mocha (I know bad bad but I was out in town). Dinner was a slice of pepperoni pizza (again bad bad but it was dinner out night and I figured I would eat something) No sodas today only water and the two coffee drinks. And I caved and had two pieces of marshmallow fudge a few hours ago. Tomorrow I'll do better. I did some grocery shopping today :)