Wendy Eversole Due August 1; Japan 1 posts
5th Jan '13

Augest 2nd is when my baby is due :)

Ally Peaufa Due August 14; Brisbane, Australia 2 posts
5th Jan '13
Quoting Shannonsfirst:" My fingers are crossed for you. I hate this 'it may not stick' stage ugh. Wow mama!!! You like the babies eh lol!! I will be 35 when I have this child, so Im not too far off from you. "

thankfully i had a scan the other day and more bloods, as we lost our last one at 7 weeks, heart never started beating, and my progesterone hormone was really low, thankfully this pregnancy baby heart beat is strong at 165bpm and all my hormone levels are exactly where they should be :) so needless to say this has taken some of the stress out of the next month :)

phantom32548 Due August 3 (boy); Crestview, Florida 7 posts
5th Jan '13

As of right now...due August 9th, 2013. I will have my first ultrasound on the 22nd so we will see if that due date sticks. It is my husband's birthday so that could be fun

Harley LeRae Fitzwater Due August 11; 1 child; Maitland, Florida 1 posts
6th Jan '13
Quoting SIDS survivor:" Due august 11th with baby #2!!!! 8 weeks today!"

I thought aug 11th was if your 8 weeks? :?:

Babylion Due August 13; Japan 1 posts
7th Jan '13

Hi Everyone! :)
We think my due date is 19th Aug, I have a scan tomoz to get a more accurate date. Caught first try-cant believe our luck! Wantto tell everyone but keeping shtum for now. Good luck everyone x*x

Mama SD Due August 21; Japan 1 posts
8th Jan '13
Quoting Taye Miller:" Hey Ladies!! My due date is August 28th 2013!! I wonder who else is with me!! Please Feel free to share your journey!!! :)"

I'm August 22nd!

user banned 2 kids; Hamilton, Ontario 19220 posts
8th Jan '13
Quoting Mama SD:" I'm August 22nd! "

im the 23rd :)

luthera Due August 26; Higginsville, Missouri 1 posts
9th Jan '13

I'm due August 27 with my first! And yes the nausea has already started...can't wait for that part to be over!

JAStevens Due August 12; 1 child; Kansas 1 posts
15th Jan '13

I am due August 13th. My 'baby' is 9 months old so he will be about 16 months when the new little one is born. Husband and I still deciding if we want to know if it is a boy or a girl.

Nanna Boo Boo's Mommy 2 kids; De Pere, Wisconsin 2627 posts
16th Jan '13

Went to the doctors office on monday and they confirmed my due date of August 25 :D

Bela McKim Due August 18; Japan 1 posts
16th Jan '13

I'm due Aug. 19th :D