baby fever already!? Jaylizzel Due July 19; 2 kids; 3 angel babies; Moses Lake, WA, United States 651 posts
Dec 21st '12

My DD is only 7 months (also have a DS who is 3 1/2 years) and baby fever has already creep-ed up and slapped me in the face lol. SO and I have talked about a third child, but defiantly want to wait another year or two more. Any other mama's dealing with baby fever? :D

The Doctor 2 kids; Boulder, CO, United States 60753 posts
Dec 21st '12

Yeah. Only all the time. haha

Chellie 3 kids; Vegas, Nv, United States 4824 posts
Dec 21st '12

Yep aside from I don't want another pregnancy but I want another baby haha! We have to wait a while though so that we can get in a better financial situation than living paycheck to paycheck.

lacTAYtor. ☮ 3 kids; North Carolina 4500 posts
Dec 21st '12

I had baby fever SOOO badly before I got pregnant. DS was only 12 months when it really hit me.

☼ M Due November 25 (boy); Clearwater, 528 posts
Dec 21st '12

My husband does, me, not so much lol! I remember those 9, almost 10 long miserable months...I'm good on that for awhile hahaha

*A&N's Mama* 2 kids; Halifax, Nova Scotia 4627 posts
Dec 21st '12

DD2 is only 13 days old & hubby has already talked about having a third child :/

✩BG Addict +3 3 kids; Ashtabula, OH, United States 26078 posts
Dec 21st '12

i've had baby fever for like 3 years now lol haven't been using protection for 2 years and haven't gotten pregnant yet...but we're not actively trying.

Drunk Blair Waldorf 2 kids; Alpharetta, Georgia 19217 posts
status Dec 21st '12

DD is 9 months old and I've had baby fever for about the last month or so. It still won't be happening for over a year from now, but I want another baby! Lol.

Freya D Due December 27; 1 child; Brookings, Oregon 1196 posts
Dec 21st '12

yes i have baby fever so bad DS is 14 months. we had planed on getting married 7-21-12 and start TTC #2 but my maid of honor got pregnant with her rainbow baby and her due date was 7-26-12 so we moved the wedding back it is now on 7-27-13. i didnt think that i would mine moving it back but i REALLY want to start TTC.

Katelyn TTC♥ TTC since Jan 2013; 1 child; Nauvoo, Alabama 1479 posts
Dec 21st '12

yep my DS will be 4 Christmas eve.. all I can think about is baby #2 now!! Hoping to start TTC within the next year!!