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21st Dec '12

So I gave birth to my beautiful little monster yesterday 12-20-12 at 4:59. She was given 10cc of formula because her blood sugar dropped really low and her temp dropped and they put her under the heater. She didn't seem to be confused in any way, she latched really well and we kept at. Last night/early this morning it seemed like she wasn't getting anything at all, I panicked because i couldn't produce with my son and I supplemented formula. after seeing the lactiion consultant this afternoon and pumping a bit i am now easily producing colostrom at the pump and can even hand express a few drops here and there. She was latching fine and feeding even after the supplmenting but since 6pm she has refused the breast. she just wants her paci. I can't get her interested at all. i pumped each breast 20 minutes and using my pinky finger coaxed what I'd managed to pump into her and she seems relativly content but I'm still a bit worried.

i will be leaving the hospital sometime tommorow afternoon and there will be no lactation consultant to talk to about this until next wednesday at the earliest. i made them take the formula away because i realize i almost made a horrible mistake by supplmenting but now i'm worried the damage is done. i need help from any mamas out there who have succesfully BF.

like i said she's got a strong suck and a pretty good latch she just doesn't seem interested at all. she gets pissed if she has her paci taken away for too long though. i keep taking it away and trying to coax her on the b**b and she just isn't having it. she's sleeping now sans paci and if she wakes up i plan on putting her back to the b**b and at 12;30 I am going to pump/offer b**b either way.

help please. tips much appreciated.

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21st Dec '12
Quoting m
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21st Dec '12
Quoting Chim Richalds:" Try pumping until your milk lets down and put her on then. Or it is possible that she is just not hungry....her ... [snip!] ... is just not hungry....her tummy is the size of a bouncy ball right now, newbs sometimes just don't feel like eating for awhile."

She may not be hungry OP. It's always a possibility. My kids slept more than anything for the first little bit.

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22nd Dec '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting L☮J:</b>" :!: She may not be hungry OP. It's always a possibility. My kids slept more than anything for the first little bit."</blockquote>

These two are right, my son is breastfed. He is now 12 days old & has been BF since he was only a few minutes old. The first couple of days will be difficult, but keep with it. Don't give up. You will be so proud of the both of you in the end.