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22nd Dec '12

So I am very new to CDing but have chosen to go with pockets for day time wear and AIOs for night time. DH and I were talking earlier and thought it would be really cool if I could make my own dipes. So I figured I would ask some of you ladies who m are your own what you do? I have read everywhere to use PUL but all I see are solid colors and I want to have my own cute prints. I saw you can go to coops and buy PUL prints but I was hoping there was a way I could find my own material and get PUL put onto it? (If that's how it works) or maybe even better is there another material for the outer layer that can be used and is waterproof? I pretty we'll understand the insides but this outer layer has me stumped.


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22nd Dec '12

You can make lanolized wool soakers. They are like covers and repel moisture, not as waterproof as PUL though. They tend to wick in your LO is sat on their bum, like the pee soaks through, if it's for an active toddler then wool soakers are good, they let their butt breath better.
If you want to make pockets I found this useful!

ETA: just Google PUL and you can usually find somewhere that sells cute prints cheap! This ones good too:

Mommy Pwnt Pwnt[ATE] 3 kids; Hawaii 10344 posts
22nd Dec '12