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23rd Dec '12
Quoting JiLLiAN.:" holy crap that's a lot of presents! Carson's are under our tree and he actually didn't even try to open ... [snip!] ... them, I was so surprised! yours are so pretty with the bows and different paper. i bought two rolls of paper, and no bows lol"

and yea i had regular red wrapping paper left over from who knows what that i used on families presents, and cam got his own santa ho ho ho paper. no bows, no ribbons, no need to make super fancy since itll all go int he trash in seconds anyway

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23rd Dec '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting ma ♥:</b>" I don't feel like I'm lying to him when I tell him about Santa... I would feel bad though if I didn't ... [snip!] ... who brings him toys on Christmas morning. Besides, unless your kid stays home all day, how have they NOT heard about Santa?!"</blockquote>

This is my dad. He says Santa is representative of giving and love and family. Giving us gifts from Santa was giving us gifts out of love.