worried *~Bunny~Hump~* 1 child; North Dakota 6820 posts
23rd Dec '12

about my friend. she's starting to sleep with random men for sex it kind of worries me because i seen the movie MONSTER.. ugh.. what could i tell her?

MomNextDoor 2 kids; Grapevine, Texas 8286 posts
status 23rd Dec '12

Sleep with random men for sex or money?

HopingforaMiracle 1 child; USA 23102 posts
23rd Dec '12

You could...stay out of her business. Hopefully she is being safe. But having sex with random guys isn't a bad thing persay

Robin Lynn +Hannah Vista, California 560 posts
23rd Dec '12

No matte what you tell her, she's probably going to keep doing it. More often than not, woman go through those types of phases because something in their life drastically changed. I went through that phase for about two years after my first big breakup with a boyfriend. You just have to hope she's being safe/