After not thinking about it much today ~T&C plus me~ 38 weeks Due September 8 (girl); 1 child; .., OR, United States 4158 posts
26th Dec '12

I actually haven't thought about TTC for a little while today for the first time since we started, and I feel decent! I have been having nausea for a few days, but tests were coming out neg. so I think it was just all in my head. The only things I am still feeling that are actually symptoms, are the sore b**bs, which is normal for AF also, and I am SUPER tired! That was my first sign with my first pregnancy, so I am keeping my fingers crossed. But if nothing comes of it, except AF, all well. I can try again next month. Just glad I am finally not consumed with thinking of it all now! Hopefully I can keep it that way!!