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26th Dec '12
Quoting DeanJade&Maksims Momma:" <blockquote><b>Quoting Jessi Graffia:</b>" LOL how many do you have? I only have one ... [snip!] ... alone and do nothing lol once a week I go to my friends house for few hours just to get out, before I head to work at night...."

LOL! I'm stealing that threat. :lol:

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26th Dec '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting LolaMcKitten:</b>" LOL! I'm stealing that threat. :lol:"</blockquote>

Lol... maks gets excited when I grab his costume... sometimes I just dress them for fun gets them laughing gets me to laugh, kinda a distraction... we have all the huge boxes I'm going to make a sign that says *take 1*
I can't post to fb because my aunt starts crying like I'm really going to do it lol,

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26th Dec '12

I don't blame anyone for needing a break. I am a single mother DD father refuses to come help so yes I beg my parents for help occasionally. My parents however gladly take her if I need a break. So far I have only had 2 breaks since she was born though and that was my parents took her out shopping while I got some school work done for a few hours and then the other time I don't think counts because I got a wisdom tooth pulled and was on heavy narcotics for the pain and physically couldn't care for her. Grandparents should be willing to help and if they aren't then they aren't very good grandparents in my books. Unless it turns into something like they are taking the baby for the mother every day all day then I can understand it.

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26th Dec '12

Ok, I just saw the post & thread to which you are referring - that is some seriously unsupportive jazz.

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26th Dec '12

every mom needs a break but alot of us never get one. I am a single mom to two boys under the age of 2 and i havent even had an hour to myself in 6 weeks. I am so tired but the end of the day i dont even feel like taking a shower of course i do though but it would be nice to just have a little time to myself for once

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Quoting LolaMcKitten:" So someone who is stressed out and needs a break shouldn't be able to have a little vent? Ya - we get ... [snip!] ... kid and our responsibility - doesn't mean you don't get stressed out and want to lock yourself in a closet for a few minutes. "

that's funny in a haha sort of way, because i almost wrote, unless i was on the verge of a mental breakdown or something.
i can understand that...but i don't know the back story of who she was talking about or anything. so maybe the situation was different.