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27th Dec '12


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27th Dec '12

I have an almost 3 year old and a 1 year old.
We all wake up around 9am.
We graze all day until dinner time, then I make a nice dinner.
I feed my kids crackers, waffles, eggs, cheese sticks, popcorn, french toast sticks, cereal, goldfish ect.
My oldest watches PBS in the morning and plays with my youngest.
We have no structure besides my youngest's naptimes. It's a lot of playing and cuddling.
Sunday's and thursdays we go to church so they get playtime with other kids.
When I'm in school (off until Jan14) we spend 2 days a week at my parents house.
Every once in a while we do "school" and sit at the dining room table and play educational games learning numbers and colors.
Sometimes I set up an easel and the kids paint.
We make tent forts a lot.
When the weather is warmer we go to the park.
Our house is very unstructured. We also have Early Childhood Development Classes in our area that we sign the kids up for every once in a while. DH will be taking DS to soccer this spring.

For discipline we take things away, do time outs and tell them what they did was wrong.

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27th Dec '12

We feed her when we eat, including snacks. We eat three meals and two snacks. We don't do time-outs nor spanking. We ignore tantrums, talk about her feelings, let her cool down, and comfort her again talking about her behavior and feelings.

We don't have a strict schedule, we do have a routine that is based off of her. She wakes up with Daddy around 8am, brushes her teeth, gives Dad hug goodbye. We eat breakfast, she plays, have snack later, she plays some more until her Daddy comes home for lunch break.

We eat lunch together, she plays, reads books, outside time and so forth then second snack. Then my husband comes home three or so hours later, we eat supper. Our infant usually stays up until 8pm, I go upstairs with infant. Our three year old stays with her Daddy until 9-9:30pm then sleeps for the night.

We keep it loose because plans change, holidays come, weekends are different, and my husband does get days off throughout the year.

Rista Kat [+ 1.5] Due December 19; 1 child; De Land, Florida 5890 posts
27th Dec '12

Thanks for the replies.

I'm looking to get him on a more structured schedule. He does better when we have a plan. I've always had things loose but he's starting to really act out and get bored too easily.