Toilet training advice please. Ecstasy 18 kids; Cuba 7751 posts
27th Dec '12

My 20m/o DS has been waking up dry from naps & in the morning quite frequently.. when he pees he'll come to me and point to his diaper and when i say 'is it wet honey?' he nodds yes..

Also when he poops he covers his face or hides.

I think he is ready.

I went and bought a potty seat for the toilet and a little step.. i've been taking him every hour (he just woke up from a 3hr nap dry, but didn't pee or anything on the toilet)

He is wearing padded cotton training pants at the moment & i bought him 14 pairs of underwear yesterday.

This is so scary haha!

My baby growing up!

I feel like im being thrown in the deep end.

Any advice mamas?

Mommy to 3 ❤️❤️❤️ 3 kids; 2 angel babies; Somewhere, TN, United States 3768 posts
27th Dec '12

Watching this!

The Stewardess 2 kids; Sugar Land, Texas 10077 posts
27th Dec '12

You can't rush it. When he/she is ready they will do it. My soon was three and a half and one day he woke up with a dirty diaper then went on the potty that day and every day since. Put him on the potty, see if he goes and if so then continue with it, if all you get is resistance then wait longer. When they are ready, they will do it. Don't rush it