b**b Juice Factory. [EBFB 3 kids; Melbourne, Australia 3264 posts
Dec 29th '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting Sami&Baby Silas:</b>" Hm that's strange. My son has reflux but it doesn't come out chunky. Do you feed with warm bottles or room temp?"</blockquote>

Your son would have reflux, rather than acid reflux

XDaniGirl 2 kids; Fayetteville, Arkansas 1407 posts
Dec 29th '12
Quoting b**b Juice Factory. [EBFB:" Its chunky because stomach acid curdles the milk. You are doing everything right, I'd try a formular ... [snip!] ... opinion. They should be giving something to reduce the production of acid rather than just trying to neutralize the acid."

Unless I want to drive to another county I can't see another doctor. We have medicaid and every other doctor in my county have full case loads.... So I'm stuck seeing the doctors who don't know anything..... And even if I could drive to another county I would have to sit on the phone for at least 30 minutes just to get the doctor changed... It's ridiculous....